Article and Photography by interpedalers

I have always considered Bali a place for surfers and Bintang singlet wearing bogans. I’m not interested in either, so it was never on my To-Do list.  But when I found myself here with some free time and access to a bike, I did some discovering. I started looking for a MTB tour company offering some real experiences – not the ones in the guidebook with a picture of an overweight middle aged guy riding a bike in a Hawaiian T-shirt – one ride that caught my eye was a ride down a volcano – ‘The Volcano Trail’.

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Article by Cani Sciolti Valtellina / Photography by Cello / Pagha /Save 

Never trust any Mtb-mag review made by some ultra-skilled downhill bomber dude, or you’ll get burned…  Read More

Article and Photography by Dirt and Dogs‏

I woke under cloudy skies, snug in my sleeping bag, tucked into the greasewood brush near the mouth of the canyon. The sky was getting light, but no color to it. I rolled over and slept some more. Read More

Article and Photography by Rodeo Adventure Labs

Rodeo went out and road tripped most of last week at the Pro Cycling Challenge and we had a blast riding our bikes, cheering the pros, handing out nuggets, and generally turning the adventure dial up to “11”. Read More

Article and Photography by Myles & Miles

I find myself warming to some places almost immediately. San Antonio de Los Cobres was not one of those places. Probably a combination of my mood and the weather but I felt mightily relieved to be riding a fully laden Norman straight out-of-town. The aim to cross the Argentina/Chile border in a couple of days, then the Andes via Paso Sico with a final descent into the Atacama desert. Well that was the plan. Read More

Article and Photography by Stefan Feldmann

Climbed Grouse Mountain via the Mountain Highway gravel road recently. One of the best climbs in Vancouver, and the gnarliest descents at the same time. Epic 
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Article and Photography by While Out Riding

Erstwhile on While Out Riding…

So. After following in the dusty tracks of Butch and Sundance, we’ve arrived within a condor’s swoop of Volcán Uturuncu, the highest summit in Sur Lípez. (This, according to the local museum in Quetano Chico, means it’s a big player in the Incan world. After all, it’s the mountain peaks that ‘give meaning to the landscape and concentrate the forces of ukhu pacha.’ And – let’s not forget the fact that Uturuncu’s an active volcano, and thus considered to be a portal of ‘communication with the metaphysical.’) Bearing all this in mind, we’ve been advised to show the ‘Papa’ our full respect: following local Aymara tradition, Andi has duly exhaled puffs of tobacco smoke towards the seven anointed volcanoes and mountains in the area, in an attempt to appease the various forces at play.

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Article and Photography by Gradient

Sitting on the beach in Victoria it’s not a strange sight to see the looming mountains of the Olympic National Park in the distance. From this vantage point the mountain range resembles something of a forested wall, visually creating a disconnect between two countries, as if America put their binder on its side in class to hide the contents of its school desk from neighboring eyes.

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Article and Photography by Cani Sciolti Valtellina

 Finally a sunny day in this summer that looks more like a busted autumn, at least so says the weather, I hear Cani Sciolti … someone for a reason someone for another..there is no one … just me and the captain: we decide to take a ride classified as “very very feasible”, 200km with 4100m of altitude gain and 3 alpine passes …

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Article and Photography by Nicholas Dory

It’s always good to have a plan B when the forecast looks bad. So instead of going hiking in the rain in Kluane National Park, with two other friends we decided to escape for a two days Mountain Bikepacking trip in the Coast Mountains. close to home. We agreed on Hodnett Lakes, located in a remote valley and saving us a few hours of driving. The round trip is about 25km of mountain biking with 2,000 feet (600m) elevation gain. 
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